The Next Black Review

The documentary film i.e. about the future of clothing is “THE NEXT BLACK“. The Next Black  brings together designers, innovators and leaders from around the globe that are shaping the future of what we will be wearing in next few years and  for an open discussion on the concept of clothing. Each person has a fresh perspective on the future of the clothing industry. Clothing can and has in history been made from a very wide variety of materials. Fashion of clothing is actually concerned with what’s happening in the next five minutes. This documentary was an incredible way to give a new direction to people’s point of view. It has an amazing perspective. If we want to understand the needs of the future we need to care about what’s next and not what’s new. Fast Fashion which means fashion changes quicker and quicker as there is no research and development in fashion. Over 100 years, the concept of clothing hasn’t changed much as the fashion industry moves faster and faster. 


There are some of the most innovative companies that gave their opinion on clothing and its future. These include Patagonia, Studio XO, Adidas, Bio couture and Yeh Group.

RICK RIDGEWAY-  Environmentalist, Mountaineer and Vice President of Environmental Initiatives at Patagonia.

 Patagonia leads the way in sustainable practices by reducing the overconsumption and overproduction of clothes across the globe and it took a responsibility to give back and urges others to do the same.

NANCY TILBURY-co-founder and director of Studio XO
Studio XO is a company that specializes in the area where fashion meets technology. It is shaping the future of clothing by creating clothes that change shape, cut and colour according to the wearer’s preference. 

MATT HYMERS, project manager of Team Elite System, one of Adidas latest inventions
Adidas is taking performance tracking to the next level by introducing cutting-edge technology directly into the fabric of sportswear. 

SUZANNE LEE, the founder of Biocouture Ltd
Bio Couture is the world’s first bio design consultancy, working to produce clothing without generating toxic waste. It works with materials grown from living organisms.

SOPHIE MATHER, Innovation Director of the Yeh Group 
Yeh Group pioneers innovation that helps minimise the environmental impact of dyeing fabric by using less water.



Suzanne Lee, founder of Biocouture Ltd.




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